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ROyal Diva Body butter

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Organic Skin-Care Line, Body Butters & Bath Bombs

Who We Are

Royal Diva Body Butter is named after our signature product and got its start way before the business.   Hi I'm Royal Diva. Over a decade ago I began this new experience called motherhood. When my oldest hit about 3 years old he developed a skin irritation doctor's labeled as eczema. For about 2 yeas I tried different topical creams and steroids which cost a lot of money, were filled with insane chemicals and were not effective. 

I am not a doctor. For legal purposes I will say again that I am not a doctor, please consult your physician to diagnose and treat. I am a mom who decided to heal her family with her hands. After intense research, I began making 'body butter' a few years ago and my batches would heal my sons skin within days. It became so widely used by everyone in my household! People said, Girl, you got to sell this! I would make hand made face washes for different days based on the chemistry of my skin (oily, dry, pre-menstrual salty fluids, acidic etc.) and my skin would glow! I signed up for a Small Business Owners Program, learned the laws of operation and officially opened my knowledge of holistic skin care to the world! Royal Diva Body Butter is my gift to my family, and to you!

xoxo royal diva 

Our Miss​ion

Our mission at Royal Diva Body Butter is to make it easily accessible and affordable to nourish your family's body, mind and spirit in a holistic, natural and organic way.


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