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Royal Diva Body Butter

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Check out our new Body Butters, Bath Bombs & Face Scrubs to keep your skin hydrated and blemish-free this summer!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Royal Diva Body Butter is to make it easily accessible and affordable to nourish your family's body, mind and spirit in a holistic, natural and organic way.

Our New Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Chocolate Sugar Face Scrub

Our NEW All-Natural Organic Chocolate Sugar Face Scrub provides loads of Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Protein to scrub away all of the stress of the day and rebuild top layer epidermal cells. If you love chocolate you will be amazed by the scent and taste (shh..) of the organic Olmec delicacy, Cacoa Powder!

Chamomile & Oat Facial Cleanser

Our NEW Chamomile & Oat Facial Cleanser is the absolute best facial cleanser if you are looking for soft & balanced skin. Our all-natural and vegan formula combines the deep penetration of bentonite clay with the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile. Chamomile is nature's best herb for heavily inflamed, red skin with it's natural flavinoids & azulenes.

Lemon & Sugar Body & Face Scrub

1 Time 4 the Face 2 Times 4 the Body! Use our NEW invigorating body scrub from head 2 toe when you need a burst of energy our simply would like to give your body a little indulgent love! Fresh granulated lemons,

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